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We understand how tax problems can be overwhelming and destroy a person’s life. Tax problems are real and if you have one, chances are you don’t sleep well, it makes you sick and you are losing money over it, sometimes tax problems tears families and marriages apart. Our team of tax professionals can help you get a fresh start and move forward with your life giving you peace of mind, protection and results.  In no time, you will be sleeping better and feeling better too.. knowing that Victory Tax and Financial Services is here to give you victory over tax problems.

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Urgent problems..are no problem for us. We help immediately. If your wages are being garnished or you have a bank levy contact us  now, we can get relief fast, often in one day.

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See a description of a variety of tax resolutions below the tabs.

  • Back taxes
  • IRS collection letters
  • Stop IRS tax lien
  • Stop IRS tax levy
  • Penalties & Interest
  • Wage garnishments
  • Remove IRS tax lien
  • Remove IRS tax levy
  • Fight IRS tax lien
  • Protect 401k
IRS or state audit? Never go it alone. Let our tax professionals represent you in tax audits of any kind: income tax, sales or payroll taxes, or civil penalties. You never have to deal with the government. We will prepare for the audit and represent you from start to finish.

Is the Audit over? Did you get a large bill? We can still help. Our CPA can explain the options available even after an audit is closed and done to get the tax bill reduced or removed.

  • Installment agreement
  • Offer-in-compromise
  • Penalty abatement
  • Appeal
  • When you cannot pay
  • Statute of limitation
  • Back tax issues
  • Tax appeal process

Bank Levy Release

Legal order releasing money seized by the IRS or state from a personal or business bank account. The money seized is then released by the bank and put back into the personal or business bank account.

There is a short window of opportunity to release money seized before the bank sends the funds to the IRS or state. If you have a bank levy, contact us immediately, we can help.


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Having your bank account levied by the government can be devastating. It is sudden and unexpected and usually wipes out all the funds you have in your bank account causing panic and stress. Millions of dollars are seized by the IRS and State taxing agencies from individual or business bank accounts each year. Call us for help, if you have a bank levy. Victory Tax Help can release most bank levies and protect you from future bank levies.

Penalty Abatement

Removal of penalties based one reasonable cause. There are many different types of penalties charged on taxes owed…late payment, late filing, underpayment, accuracy, adding up to thousands of dollars. Our firm can do an analysis to see if you qualify for penalty abatement.

Offer in Compromise

A settlement of back taxes for less than what is owed. The IRS has an offer in compromise program. Most, but not all states have offer in compromise programs. [California?] If you qualify for an offer in compromise, thousands of dollars can be saved. Most tax, penalty and interest can be wiped out. Victory Tax Help has an excellent track record for negotiating offers in compromise. Call us today for analysis to see if you qualify for an offer in compromise.


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The IRS has three types of Offers in Compromise:

Doubt as to Collectibility – meaning that the taxes are owed but you can’t afford to paythem.

Doubt as to Liability – meaning that you do not owe the taxes.

Exceptional Circumstances (Effective Tax Administration) – meaning that you owe the taxes and have the assets to pay them, but it would be unfair for you to pay them, causing an economic hardship.

Most tax preparation firms only submit “doubt as to collectibility” offers—the most common kind.  Victory Tax Help can provide any of the three listed for those who qualify.

Installment Agreements

This is a payment plan to repay back taxes based on what you can reasonably afford to pay monthly. Get the IRS or State off your back. Victory Tax Help has attorney’s and Tax Professional’s available to negotiate a reasonable payment plan that allows you to make payments on your back taxes and current taxes. If you don’t make enough money for both, then you may very well be qualified for an Offer in Compromise.