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We provide tax, accounting, financial statement preparation and consulting services. We serve a wide variety of clients including individuals and businesses in sales, service, medical, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and non profit industries. Tax professionals are uniquely qualified to be one of your team of professional advisers, with a college degree and years of education and experience required and licensed by the State of California. Tax professionals perform services with accountability, dedication, due diligence and professionalism at a level that is at the top of their profession.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of service and the personal relationships built on trust and service that we have with our clients.
Tax Preparation and Tax Representation Services

Our training and experience make her the ultimate tax professional, able to prepare tax returns in all 50 states, and also to represent taxpayers as power of attorney.

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Accounting Services
Accounting services include set up and maintenance of a business general ledger (commonly  called books). This may include preparation of bank reconciliations, journal entries, analysis of assets and income and expenses resulting in a financial statement, used for business or tax preparation purposes.
Financial Statement Preparation Services

Tax professionals prepare a variety of Fnancial Statements depending on the level of service needed.

  • Compilation Financial Statements
    Professionally compiled Financial Statements, usually the level of financial statement required by a bank, financial institution or 3rd party, often the choice when a business has an in house accountant/bookkeeper and would like a Tax Professional to be their watch dog and make sure that the books and the financial statements are in accordance with accounting principles. Usually the Tax Professional would prepare any tax returns as well.
  • Review Financial Statements
    Tax professionally prepared and statement that a tax professional has reviewed the Financial Statements.
  • Audited Financial Statement
    Tax professionals are the only professionals that can perform a financial audit and render an opinion on Audited Financial Statements. This is the highest level of Financial Statement service by a tax professional.
  • Specialty Financial Statements
    Such as personal financial statements, forecasts or projected financial statements, usually required for a personal loan or business start up loan.
  • Consulting Services
    • Let us be your professional advisor and provide professional guidance in a wide range of areas as follows:
      • New Business Startup – Professional guidance thru the maze a new business must navigate.
      • Accounting Systems – Troubleshooting and correcting in-house accounting systems.
      • Business Management – Business debt management, retirement plans, employment, insurance, etc.
      • Personal Financial Matters – Risk management, retirement planning, taxes, assets, wills, trusts.
      • Business Loan Assistance – Business loan package prep. Don’t be turned down.
      • Worker’s Comp Audit Representation –  We can handle it for you.