Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are questions we are commonly asked.

How much do you charge to prepare tax returns?

Tax preparation fees vary depending on the complexity of the tax return.  Our fees are reasonable and competitive. Call or email us for a quote today.  Call us (657)230-9335

What if I can have a urgent problem like a bank levy or wage levy, can you help me quickly?

Yes, we can, our Tax Professional has years of experiencing releasing levies quickly, often the same day or in a matter of days. Contact us now, by phone or email. Don’t give up. We can help and take steps to prevent future levies.

Can I represent myself if I have tax problems?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended, just like you can represent yourself in court, but it is not recommended, hence the old adage…”the person who represents themself has a fool for a client.”

Most people are not familiar with the tax laws, your legal rights and policy and procedures of tax agencies. The IRS and State can become extremely aggressive and combative, they are not there to help you or explain your options and legal remedies under the law.

We provide aggressive tax representation..we fight for you and advise you of all your legal options under the law and we do this on a daily basis.

How much do you charge for tax representation and how long does it take?

Fees vary based on the complexity of the matter and how long it has been going on. Our fees are reasonable and we want to help our clients so we take credit cards and offer payment plans. Most people do not get in tax trouble overnight, so it does take time to resolve it.  Call or email our office for a free quote including options available to resolve your tax issue and the time frame.

Can you prepare back years or old tax returns?

Yes, we can, most firms don’t, but we can. The IRS normally wants the last six or seven years, but sometimes we go ten years back and even more if needed. Some states have a 15 to 20 year collection statute.